Our Process


I. Comprehensive up-front work - to obtain a solid understanding of an ideal candidate with specific recruitment requirements as well as corporate culture, business climate and other insightful information. This process will result in a shared understanding of the critical components for the sourcing and assessment of desirable candidates. A proposal letter to our clients outlining our understanding and search strategy, and timelines will follow.

II. Sourcing – to identify the best available candidates, we conduct a full search covering all potential sources to locate qualified individuals, supported by dedicated research. Our typical sourcing methods include direct recruiting, comprehensive database, networking and if so desired, career posting or advertising via internet and associations.

III. Assessing – to differentiate competencies, after identifying potential candidates, we conduct preliminary telephone interviews to determine whether to arrange subsequent personal in-depth interviews. For pre-screened candidates, face-to-face meetings take place to conduct in-depth behavioural interviewing. Strong candidates will be presented with further opportunity for discussing and inquiry to ensure their genuine interest, corporate cultural compatibility and targeted capabilities.

IV. Short list review – through ongoing communication with our client company, we present a short list of qualified candidates, which consists of each candidate’s resume and a written summary and overview of their career/background. Preliminary reference checks will be ongoing when applicable.

V. Reference checking - extensive written reference checks are provided for the finalists, with sensitivity to legal defensibility.

VI. Follow-up – to monitor progress and integration of the new hire, we follow up with our clients and selected candidates to ensure their successful adaptation into the new role.


  • Plant Managers, for automotive parts manufacturers
  • Director/GM, for automotive parts manufacturers
  • Directors Production Engineering for automotive parts manufacturers
  • Various Line Managers (Engineering, Sales, Purchasing, Production, Quality, Materials Management) for automotive manufacturing plants
  • Continuous Improvement Engineers
  • General Manager, Sales/Marketing, Regional Managers, National Service Managers for automotive distributors
  • Sales/Marketing Managers for international business
  • Senior managerial positions (SVP, VP, General Manager, Director) for sales and marketing in finance, consumer electronics, industrial and commercial manufacturers
  • National and Regional Sales/Business Development Managers for industrial and commercial manufacturers
  • Human Resources Managers for all sectors
  • Various senior positions in transportation, logistics, customs compliance, operations, warehouse sectors
  • Product Manager, Key Account Manager, Purchaser and Account Executives for industrial and commercial manufacturers
  • CFO, Controller, Accounting Managers, VP, Finance and senior level administration positions in industry and commerce.
  • General Managers, risk management, Credit, Audit for finance company
  • Managers, loan operations, corporate banking, financial analysis for financial institutions
  • CA Firm Partner, Manager and Staff Accountants