Fees and Guarantees


Our standard practice is to discuss a fixed fee prior to the commencement of each assignment. This will endorse complete objectivity, ensuring the search integrity for the selection of the most suitable candidates. Fees are calculated on the estimated professional time required, the level of difficulty, the complexity of the search and any other relevant factors such as single or multiple assignments, etc. Our typical billing is based on three payment schedule; one third at commencement, one third at short list submission and one third upon completion.

To provide flexibility, we will discuss each assignment to accommodate the specific request of the client company case by case, including fixed project or monthly retainer and a percentage based fee structure. The fee details will be included in our proposal letter.

While our strategic and comprehensive search process prevents candidate fall-off and it has been very seldom used, we provide a free replacement guarantee which details will be included in our proposal.

Other Human Resources Consulting Services

Fees will be discussed and quoted in writing per each consulting project.